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artist, painter, painting
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I was born in Belarus on 9 April  1960.

Since 1983 I have been living and working in Yalta. Now I live between Ukraine, Poland and Switzerland.

Works in the category: painting, graphics and mixed media.

“The main thing which I try to do the needful my works is to convey through the line, light and colour

my sensations of the object: whether it’s a figure, a landscape or an abstraction. I’m trying to find a drama, a real “face.”

My works are always very sensual, many of them “touch” the body,

but the naked body itself is not only erotic here, but it also shows the intimacy of the soul and its psychology.

My works are about the external and internal,

about the ambivalence of the world and about the world of the superficial and the world of the soul

and these different worlds I try to knock together in my works through the openness of the body and its merge with the environment.

A person here can become visually part of an object, wall, furniture or clothes and only his soul will be clearly delineated through the layers of the painting.”


Art College named A.K. Glebov in Minsk, Belarus 1980


Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine and Russia.

I have 7 personal exhibitions and participant in many joint exhibitions.

2019 – Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, Yalta, Ukraine

2016 – Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, Yalta, Ukraine

2015 – Art level Design Festival, Contemporary Art Center “M17”, Kyiv (Joint exhibition), Ukraine

2010 – “The Crimea palette” joint exhibition N-Prospect, St. Petersburg, Russia

2010 – “Night City” Art-Khata, Yalta, Ukraine

2009 – Museum of I.S. Shmeleva, Alushta, Ukraine

2008 – Hall of Exhibition NSHU (2nd floor), Simferopol, Ukraine

2001 – “Realities and Dreams” Livadia Palace Museum, Yalta, Ukraine

2000 – Fondo Internacional do Pintura, Barcelona, Spain.


“Charming colours of the Dnieper”- Winner- Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine